Stop It! You Are Not Going to Die!

Judges 6:23
But the LORD said to him, “Peace! Do not be afraid. You are not going to die.”

“Oh, stop! You are not going to die!”

I am not sure how many times I heard this growing up or how many times I have said it myself to my own kiddos. It is a rather popular phrase to throw out when someone is overreacting. 

These words jumped out at me recently when I was reading the story of Gideon in Judges chapter 6.  I stopped and giggled.  Yep! Even, an Angel of the LORD used this phrase!

Now, I am not so sure this Angel had the hands on the hips, head cocked, eyes rolled and loud sigh when he said these words to Gideon. However, I sure heard it that way when I read it. Then I stopped and wondered just how many times had God spoke those words over me?

How many times had I once again turned a mole hill into a mountain? Now, I am not talking real problems here. I am talking those little things that you just let your imagination run with and now the world is coming to an end. The sky is not falling chicken little!

I can hear God telling me, “You are not going to die!” As a matter of fact, a frequent phrase I hear is, “Are you done yet! You are not going to die!” When that thought enters my head, I draw my bottom lip back in, suck up the snot bubble, wipe my eyes and reply, “Yes LORD, I am finished. What do I do now?”

You see, I hear these words when I have been trying to work out my issue on my own. I have not turned to God. Instead, I decided I was big enough to solve this problem all by myself. In simple words, I. Have. Messed. Things. Up! Now I am slinking over to my corner to lick my wounds wondering why everyone is out to get me.

It is in that moment, my wonderful Heavenly Father leans down and quietly says, “Are you ready for some help now? If so, let’s get you cleaned up and walking in the right direction again. Now, pull it together sweetheart, you aren’t going to die. We can make this right. Don’t be afraid, I am going to be right here with you.”

I will never be too old to mess up and I will never be too old to hear these loving words!


Copyright © 2018 Tabetha Frick All Rights Reserved.

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