Peace, Bah Humbug!

Mark 6:31 (NIV)
Then Jesus suggested, “Let’s get away from the crowds for a while and rest.” For so many people were coming and going that they scarcely had time to eat.

I’m afraid I’m going to say something that’s not very popular.  Some days, I hate  Christmas. I know this sounds really bad. I’m really not a Scrooge. There are just some days I feel pressured during this season.


Here is why…

#1- I am a teacher. I spend the first part of December wrapping up lessons and preparing for semester finals. I deal with kiddos that finally wake up after 16 weeks and realize, yes she will fail me if I don’t turn things in. Maybe she will let me make up 16 weeks of work in a couple of days.

#2- I appreciate all the people who put countless hours and love into preparing parties, secret Santas, cookie exchanges, and other get-togethers. I feel awful turning people down but I can only be in so many places at once. I only have so much money to spend and I love you all but my grandkids come first.

#3- During this season, I also have play obligations and church functions to add to my evergrowing list of places to be and yet I must find time to decorate my own house and make it look all cheery.

#4- My family also celebrates Hanukkah so there goes 8 more nights of must be somewhere at sometime.

#5- Add to all of this the shopping, cooking, wrapping, mailing and shrink my heart and call me the Grinch! Bah humbug!

I know I am not alone in these feelings. I also know my schedule may seem pretty empty compared to others.

Can I offer a little advice?

Breathe! That’s it. Just. Breathe.

I could do my best impression of Linus and recite the reason for the season. I could read you the Christmas Story. But I am not going to.

I am not going to add to your stressed-out brain. I know people mean well, but seriously I don’t need guilt piled on top of my to-do list. What I need is a minute to call my own and recharge.

I need a moment to make my cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and curl up with God and say thank you. Thank you for my moment of peace on Earth.

Take time this busy season for you. Fill up on some peace, so you can spread goodwill toward men.



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