God Knows What You Need

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Mr. Murphy, with his stupid law, was my BFF today.


I started my day dropping everything I touched. Proceeded to fill my car and gas spit back out all over me. Went to the bathroom (I work in a high school), came out, got back to my classroom only to have a teacher walk in after me to tell me I forgot someone. Yep, I looked down and realized my service dog was not attached to me. Good news, he was exactly where I had left him, in the stall.

Go ahead laugh it up. I can hear you from here!


It gets better!

On my way home, I looked down and realized I had gone all day with my shirt on inside out. Did I mention the shirt had pockets and they had been hanging out the entire day.


Told you it got better!

Some days you should  just stay in bed!

So….what could I  possibly be thankful for today? Well, let me tell you…


This Guy!

This is my wonderful husband, Todd. I texted  him when I got to work this morning to whine about my awful start to the day. Then, I called him at lunch to grumble about how my day had not gotten any better. I walk in the door and griped about the rest of the story of my day and my outfit being inside out. What did he do?

He laughed his head off!

I don’t mean a giggle. I mean roll on the floor, belly laugh with tears streaming down your face laugh!

I mean a totally contagious laugh.

I couldn’t be grumpy anymore.

Thank you Lord for putting this guy in my life. You knew there were going to be days like this and I would need someone to laugh me through.


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