Isaiah 43:1b

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.

Mine! What a wonderful word!

Webster’s Dictionary defines mine as meaning that which belongs to me.

Recently, my daughter welcomed our first grandson into this world.  My son’s daughter who is almost two was very excited to meet her new cousin.  We talked about it all day. We showed her pictures and kept telling her his name.  Then we left to meet them at the restaurant.

We walked in and her mommy got to hold the new little bundle of joy first. My granddaughter was just fine with it.  She sat next to her mommy and cooed over the little boy.  Then the unthinkable happened.  MawMaw took the baby.

These were fighting words. She was OK sharing her mommy, but she quickly stated, “My MawMaw!” She climbed up on my lap and squeezed her way between the baby and I.  “MawMaw is mine!”

As much as I love to claim things are mine, it is an even better feeling to be claimed!

When I read Isaiah 43:1b, I can see Satan standing there pointing out all of the rotten things I have done in my life.  Trying his hardest to show God I don’t measure up.  I am not worth it.  I am broken.  I am nothing more than a piece of trash.  No one would ever want me.  Then Jesus stands up and simply says, “I have redeemed her; I have called her by name.  SHE IS MINE!”

Even as I type these words, goosebumps are going up my arms and tears are trickling down my face.  I am HIS!  I belong to someone.  He wants me, flaws and all.  Just like my granddaughter wanted me that day.

There are many words I love to hear:

She is my teacher!

She is my wife!

She is my mom!

She is my MawMaw!

She is my daughter!

She is my aunt!

She is my friend!

But my favorite words by far are hearing that Jesus wants me and calls me His!

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Copyright © 2017 Tabetha Frick All Rights Reserved.


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